Vegums Omega 3 and Iron Gummy Bears – Vegan, Plastic Free Vitamin Supplements For Adults and Children Aged 3 Plus Review and Discount code.

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We have been testing out these tasty Vegums Omega-3 and Iron gummy bear supplements that come in plastic free, recyclable packaging and are Vegan certified – that means no animal products are used at any stage of the manufacturing process – which is great to know.

Vegums gummies are made using all natural colours and flavours and are suitable for the whole family from 3 years+ with only a pinch of natural cane sugar added for sweetness.

The fish-free Omega 3 gummies are refreshing orange flavour and contain 80mg DHA per daily dose of Omega-3 sourced from marine algae, which is kinder to our oceans and sealife. Omega-3 helps to maintain healthy eyes, skin, heart and brain, which is especially important during childhood development – Adalena loves having her litte gummy bear at dinner time, and says they’re yummy, which is great as I know she’s getting the goodness she needs with no fuss. Adults take two gummies per day and children 3 years+ take one gummy per day, to be taken with a main meal.

The Iron gummies are a fruity blackberry flavour and contain Iron which is an essential mineral that helps to prevent anaemia, the symptoms of which are tiredness and lack of energy, both of which myself and Serena suffer with, but since taking these daily, I have noticed that I’m less tired and Serena said the mid-afternoon fatigue she feels at school is diminishing – teenage girls are often low in Iron so it’s great that she gets her daily requirement with Vegums. Again, adults take two gummies per day and children 3 years+ take one gummy per day, to be taken with a main meal.

Your Vegums delivery will arrive in jiffy green envelopes which are padded kraft paper bags filled with recycled macerated paper. The gummies themselves come sealed in compostable and biodegradable vegetable starch bags, inside recyclable cardboard tubes – the tubes can be reused or recycled – I think Adalena has plans to use ours as a crayon pot. The starch bags can go straight in your food waste/compost bin along with your veggie peelings which feels so much better than putting yet another plastic wrapper into landfill.

Your first delivery will also include a handy metal ‘click-clack’ tin which holds a months supply of gummies, making them easily accessible and convenient to pop in your bag for when you’re on the go – we found then tin really good for keeping them safe in the cupboard ready to grab at dinner time.

Vegums can be purchased as a monthly subscription which can be cancelled at any time, or as a one off purchase. With the Iron costing as little as £9.95 per month on a subscription and £12.95 for a one off purchase and Omega-3 costing £11.95 per month on a subscription and £14.95 for a one off purchase, they really are an affordable and flexible way to enjoy Vegan, plastic free and eco-friendly natural supplements delivered to your door – we’ll definitely be ordering more!

When you set up an account, make a purchase on the Vegums website or refer a friend, you will earn points that can be saved up and either redeemed at the checkout towards your future purchases, passed on to a friend or donated to your choice of 4 charities supported by Vegums – I think it’s fantastic that we can support a charity through our Vegums subscription and one off purchases.

If you are a student you can also recieve 20% off your Vegums order, with a code obtained from the Student Beans app – bonus!

Vegums use existing UK postal routes and do not offer a rushed shipping option so orders take around 2-4 working days to arrive – it feels good to know that when we order from Vegums we’re shopping in the most environmentally friendly way.

Visit the Vegums website to find out more and begin your vegan, plastic free and eco-friendly supplement subscription today at

Don’t forget to use our special discount code ‘DARIANS10’ at the checkout for 10% off your first Iron and/or Omega 3 subscription order.

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