Bigjigs Shop Role Play Toys Wooden Supermarket Trolley Review with Discount Code.


We were very kindly gifted this beautiful wooden supermarket trolley to review from Bigjigs Toys.

I was so pleased because Adalena is loving her role play at the moment so this seemed like the perfect toy for her, it was so simple to put to together because each part including all the screws were labelled and the instructions were super clear and easy to follow.

You notice the quality of Bigjigs toys as soon as you open the box, they are beautifully finished and the paintwork is second to none, the red and blue trolley is super cute for both girls and boys and Adalena couldn’t wait to start playing with it.

I know how much Adalena likes to reinact the every day things she sees me do at home, like making a cup of tea or doing the shopping, so I couldn’t resist taking her out to the shops with her little trolley so she could go shopping with it for real!

I don’t think I could have made a better decision, she absolutely loved pushing it around the shops and picking up a few bits to pop into her trolley along the way. She did so well going up to the checkout to pay, which is great for her because she can be very shy with new people.

She loved it so much that I let her walk around a few more shops, she even decided to have a look at the TV’s, where I told her that unfortunately I didn’t think they wouldn’t fit in her little trolley!

We’ve had so much fun playing at home with the trolley too, she likes to put her dolly or teddy into the back compartment like a real trolley seat, then she goes around collecting items of play food and sometimes the odd shoe or two ends up in there from the shoe rack in the hall too!

I love that the supermarket trolley matches the other Bigjigs shop role play items, such as their shop scale, shop till and the beautiful village shop , aswell as all the Bigjigs wooden play food available too.

You can shop the Bigjigs supermarket trolley and the whole range of beautiful, quality wooden toys for all ages on their website.

Don’t forget to use our special discount code ‘MUMMYOFTHREE‘ for 10% off your entire Bigjigs order and there’s free UK delivery on all orders over £39.99 too.

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