Minne Baby Booster Seat Chair Protector review.

We were very kindly sent a universal, non-slip, spill-proof baby booster seat chair protector from Minne Baby.

The chair protector is grey so easily fits in with most rooms in the house. There is a spill proof side with flaps to allow the booster seat straps to be fitted safely.

The back of the chair protector is non-slip, which means it won’t slide about on the chair and the booster seat can be securely fitted in place.

The chair protector is plenty big enough to cover most dining chairs with an over hang at the front to protect the front of the chair too.

It’s really easy to fit the booster seat on top of the chair protector, you just thread the straps through the side flaps and fasten as you would normally.

The chair protector doesn’t look out of place and is fairly easy on the eye, making it a great baby accessory for your home – and no more spills on your expensive dining chairs!

Our booster seat stayed firmly in place and did not slip on the chair protector, even with Adalena being very active in her seat!

You can find out more about Minne Baby on their website


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