Little Brian Art Paint Sticks review.

We were very happy to receive a selection of Paint Sticks from Little Brian Art in conjunction with Wire PR.

We recieved packs of Paint Sticks, Metallic Paint Sticks, Mini Paint Sticks and Fabric Paint Sticks.

Paint Sticks are water soluble and child friendly. They work in the style of a glue stick, so you remove the lid and twist the base to make the Paint Stick come up, it is then ready to be used on paper, card, canvas or wood and dry within 60 seconds – meaning less mess and more fun!

Adalena had a go with Paint Sticks, sitting in her highchair at 14 months, this was her very first experience of drawing and painting.

The Paint Sticks are nice and chubby but still lightweight, making them perfect for Adalena’s little hands to grasp, she was able to manipulate the Paint Stick to make marks on the paper.

Adalena really enjoyed using the Paint Sticks but did need constant supervision, as expected at this age, to ensure that she did not put them into her mouth, however she remained engaged in her activity for several minutes which is great!

Darian had a go with the Fabric Paint Sticks, he was keen to get started and grabbed a white t-shirt from his wardrobe.

The packet recommends putting a piece of card between the front and back of the t-shirt to prevent the paint from staining the reverse side.

Darian was able to easily draw using the fabric Paint Sticks, although they don’t easily glide over the fabric so he did need to hold the t-shirt taught as he drew, for an older child like Darian this shouldn’t be a problem, a younger child may need support with this.

Darian enjoyed using the fabric Paint Sticks and got really stuck into his design, which kept him entertained and engaged for quite some time.

Once the design is finished, you need to seal it by ironing on the reverse side, it can then be safely worn and washed without the paint transferring or washing off.

We have loved using our Paint Sticks and think they are a brilliant little product for toddlers and children to allow them to be creative without the mess of traditional paints and brushes.

Paint Sticks can also be safely used on windows for an extra fun creative activity, but rest assured – they will wash off!

The plastic lids and empty Paint Sticks can also be recycled which is great news for the environment too. ♻️

You can find out more about Little Brian Art and their full range of children’s art materials on their website


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