Babyhub SleepSpace Travel Cot and Play Teepee Tent review.

We were very kindly sent the amazing SleepSpace in Tangerine from Babyhub.

The SleepSpace is an ultra lightweight and portable travel cot that can convert into a fun, play space with the addition of the included teepee tent cover.

The SleepSpace comes in a durable carry bag with an adjustable shoulder strap.

The SleepSpace comes with a padded mattress base, mosquito net and teepee tent, which all fits comfortably into the carry bag.

To assemble the SleepSpace, simply lift it out of the carry bag and stand it upright.

Then pull up the four telescopic metal bars attached to the white circular disc on top of the SleepSpace until each one clicks into place when fully extended.

Then pull out the 4 sides of the SleepSpace and pull upwards in the middle of each side until you hear a click, and the side is in place.

Add the padded base mattress into the SleepSpace and it’s ready to be used as a cosy travel cot for your little one to safely sleep and play in.

The SleepSpace has a clever little tent style zip down door on one side, which allows older babies and toddlers free access to their SleepSpace, and with the addition of the included teepee tent, which is easily thrown over the top, it can become a fun and exciting place to play!

I created this super cute woodland theme play space, which ties in beautifully with the tangerine orange of the SleepSpace – you could literally create tonnes of play ideas for older babies and toddlers with this, a circus, a sleepover, a teddy bears picnic…the list is endless.

Adalena absolutely loved playing in the SleepSpace, which kept her engaged for a whole afternoon!

I’ve yet to get her to actually sleep in it, but she’s always been a difficult sleeper and will usually only nap on me or in the car!

Overall I think this is a brilliant must have travel cot and play space that will grow with your little one.

It would be great for visiting family and friends to give your little one their own familiar space wherever you go, as well as great for holidays as it packs up so neatly and can be ready in just a few minutes – ideal for hotel rooms and holiday homes.

We have really enjoyed using the SleepSpace at home with Adalena and can’t wait to take it on holiday with us in the summer.

You can find out more about the brilliant Babyhub SleepSpace on their website

3 thoughts on “Babyhub SleepSpace Travel Cot and Play Teepee Tent review.

    1. I think this would work really well for camping, just check the height of the SleepSpace, when assembled, will fit inside the tents you plan to use.
      Thank you for reading and glad you found our review of the SleepSpace helpful.


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