Hape Toys Caterpillar Train Set review.

We were sent this super cute wooden Caterpillar Train Set for Adalena to play with.

The Hape Toys Caterpillar Train Set is suitable for toddlers from 18 months+

The set is made up of a super cute wooden Caterpillar Train, which is 4 wooden blocks laced together with a magnet on the back, so it can link to other wooden trains.

It comes with 4 pieces of curved wooden track printed with a green leaf and a red flower on each one, and two plastic end pieces with pictures of leaves on them.

It is a great little starter set and introduction to train sets for toddlers and children up to preschool age, it is just the right size for little hands to learn how to to join the track pieces together and move the Caterpillar along the track

The track can be put together in a curve shape or a wiggly line, which gives plenty of opportunity for development of hand eye coordination and early problem solving skills.

The set is attractive and brightly coloured, it is well made and has a quality feel to it, it is definitely one of those toys that can be passed down through the children and provide many years of fun.

You can find out more about the Hape Toys Caterpillar Train set and their whole range of quality wooden toys on their website.


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