Brush-Baby My FirstBrush and Teether set, Teething Toothpaste, KidSonic Toothbrush and 6+ Toothpaste review.

We were kindly sent a My FirstBrush and Teether set with Teething Toothpaste for Adalena and a KidSonic battery operated toothbrush and 6+ Toothpaste for Darian from Brush-Baby.

For the last few weeks Darian and Adalena have been using their new toothbrushes and toothpastes.

Darian has been testing out the KidSonic Toothbrush, along with the 6+ Mild Spearmint flavour toothpaste.

The KidSonic toothbrush lights up for 2 minutes to help Darian keep brushing for the recommended 2 minutes, twice a day – we have a 2 minute sand timer but I don’t find it very effective in encouraging him to keep brushing for longer.

It comes complete with a battery and 3 brush heads, so it is ready to use straight away and will last for quite some time with the spare heads – it is recommended to change the brush head every couple of months.

The 6+ Toothpaste is mild tasting and contains Xylitol to fight against sugar acids – Darian likes the taste which is great, he doesn’t like adult toothpastes because they are too strong tasting.

Adalena has been testing out the Brushbaby FirstBrush and Teether set, along with the 0-2 years Teething Applemint flavour toothpaste.

The FirstBrush has a tiny head for little mouths, so you can get to all those back teeth as they start to come through, it definitely feels less obtrusive when I’m helping Adalena to brush her teeth.

The Teething Applemint toothpaste smells delicious and contains camomile to help soothe her sore gums, and Xylitol to fight against sugar acids – we use it on the Teether too so she can bite on it and soothe her gums at the same time as cleaning her teeth.

The Teether is very lightweight and has a heart shaped handle, just the right size for her little hands to hold.

I have noticed that Darian spends longer brushing his teeth now thanks to the visible light timer – which is brilliant for his teeth and less stressful for us having to tell him to go back and ‘do them again!’ when he has rushed them so he can get back to whatever he was doing.

Adalena is much more accepting to letting us brush her teeth with the FirstBrush and Applemint toothpaste which she loves the taste of, and it’s been really nice being able to give her the Teether to bite on herself with the Teething Toothpaste on it to help soothe her sore gums.

You can find out more about Brush-Baby and their range of baby, toddler and kids dental care products on their website.

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