Apramo baby and toddler in-car accessories review.

We were very kindly sent some Apramo baby and toddler in-car accessories from Azaria Ltd.

We recieved the Iris Baby Mirror Deluxe, Car Seat Protector, Travel Buddy and two i-Shade Roller Shades.

Apramo Iris Baby Mirror Deluxe in Ivory

The Iris Baby Mirror Deluxe is a large mirror that attaches to the headrest of the seat that your baby’s rear facing car seat is on. You can then align your car’s rear view mirror to enable you to see your baby safely whilst you are driving.

The mirror is attached to a black stand that you place flat on the car seat headrest, then pull the 4 straps around each side of the headrest and fasten at the back using the two clips – making sure it is secured tightly to avoid the mirror slipping during driving.

The mirror has really useful lights around the edge which help you to see your baby’s reflection in the mirror…

…even on grey days and dark evenings.

The lights on the mirror are controlled by a button on the mirror itself or by the clever little remote control allowing you to switch on the mirror’s lights from the drivers seat. This is very useful for when you are driving and it starts to get dark.

The Iris baby mirror deluxe in Ivory coordinates beautifully with the Apramo i-Shade Roller Blinds, also in Ivory, keeping your journey’s with your little one super stylish.

The view of your baby from your rear view mirror is perfect for quickly and easily checking that your baby is safe and content whilst you are driving.

Apramo i-Shade Roller Shades in Ivory

The i-Shade Roller Blinds are retractable blinds for use in the rear windows of your car, helping to keep your baby, toddler or child shaded from the sun.

The i-Shade Roller Blinds stick to your car windows with two strong suction cups at either end of the blind – the blind feels sturdy and secure on the window.

There is a third suction cup which secures the bottom of the blind to the window when it is pulled down – the blinds pull down smoothly and easily.

The blinds cover most of our very large car windows. In a smaller car, I think these blinds would pretty much cover the whole window.

They are easy on the eye and unobtrusive from both the inside and the outside of the car.

The blinds quickly retract when no longer needed, simply unattach the bottom suction cup from the window and press the button on the side of the blind, the blind then shoots back up quickly and smoothly.

Apramo Travel Buddy

The Travel Buddy is a foldable caddy that can be attached to the seat of the car, next to your little ones car seat. The caddy has two drinks cup holders and a larger main compartment for storing your little ones favourite toys, books and snacks for their journeys in the car, there is also a mesh pocket on the outside of the caddy.

Inside there is a small zipped pocket at the back of the main compartment and three open pockets on the side for storing smaller items.

The Travel Buddy will fit comfortably on the middle seat, in between two baby or toddler car seats. So if you have two children or a toddler and an older child, both can access the travel buddy at the same time.

Darian is able to easily reach his drink, favourite books and toys from the Travel Buddy independently. It is so much better than having loose toys rolling around on the back seat.

Apramo Car Seat Protector

The Car Seat Protector is a strong, lightly padded mat that covers the whole car seat, protecting the cars upholstery from marks and scratches caused by child car seats, and of course those inevitable spills from little ones eating and drinking in the car.

The Car Seat Protector attaches to the headrest of the seat using a strap with an adjustable clip, there is slits in the sides to allow free access to the isofix points and the seatbelt clips to quickly and easily install your child’s car seat as normal.

There is three mesh pockets that hang down beneath the seat, under the childs legs, handy for storing your child’s small toys or snacks for use during your car journeys – if your child is in a high back booster using an adult belt, like Darian, then they will be able to access these pockets themselves by learning forward slightly. If your younger child or toddler is in a seat with a harness, they will be unable to access these pockets themselves.

You can find out more about the Apramo in-car baby and toddler accessories on their website


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