Hape Wooden Clown Stacker, Hape Early Melodies Rhythm set and Hape Teepee Tent reviews

We were sent some lovely Hape wooden toys for Adalena and Darian to play with. Adalena recieved the Hape wooden early melodies rhythm set, Hape wooden clown stacker toy and the Hape wooden baby’s bugs book. Darian recieved the Hape wooden teepee tent which he was delighted about!

All the toys we recieved have a great quality feel to them and I love how brightly coloured and attractive they are to look at, as well as the amazing educational value they have too!

The early melodies rhythm set is small and very light weight, which is perfect for little hands to grasp – Adalena enjoyed giving the click clacker a satisfying shake!

Adalena soon got the hang of using the glokenspiel, it makes a very interesting sound that she was very proud of!

The baby bugs book is perfect for little hands, the pages are really easy to turn and as it’s wooden, there’s no worries of ripped pages or soggy corners, because of course everything has to go through the baby mouthing test…

Including the clowns head from the clown stacker…

Adalena could easily remove the rings from the stacker and even pick the whole thing up, it’s sturdy enough to withstand a toddler but light enough for younger babies to enjoy too!

The teepee tent was very simple to build, just join the 8 poles together using the 4 tubes, to make 4 long poles and thread a pole into each corner of the canvas tent. Then simply thread the string attached to the opening in the top of the tent through the pre-drilled holes in each pole and tie to secure them together. Then just spread out the 4 poles and pop a plastic cover on the end of each pole on the floor and voila!…teepee tent is ready. I did this myslef in just a few minutes so it really is simple to build.

The simple 4-step illustrated instructions that come with the teepee are easy to follow.

The teepee is large enough to fit 2 or 3 small children inside, there was plenty of room for 7 year old Darisn and 1 year old Adalena to play together.

The teepee has a window on one side with a roll up flap which secures with velcro – great for role play!

Darian absolutely loves reading, at the moment his favourite author is David Walliams – he found the perfect reading spot inside the teepee!

Overall, I am amazed at the quality of the Hape range, they are certainly built to last and will provide many hours of open ended, educational play for young children. Adalena and Darian have absolutely loved playing with their new Hape toys and I’m sure will continue to do so for many years to come.

You can find out more about Hape and discover their range of beautiful toys on their website.


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