The White House Book Shop Usborne Baby Books review.

We were very happy to be sent some Usborne baby and toddler board books from The White House Book Shop.

The first thing I noticed is how bright and colourful all three books are to look at, they are beautifully illustrated and engaging for little ones.

Each one kept the attention of Adalena for several minutes at a time, and she chooses to go back and look at them again and again over the course of a day.

We were sent three Usborne board book titles for Adalena…

🐤Usborne Find-its ‘Find the Duck’ (£4.99)

This book is brilliant for slightly older toddlers and preschoolers who can understand words and simple instructions, as it asks the child to find the yellow duck, hidden in the pictures on each page.

The story goes through a child’s bedtime routine of getting undressed, having a bath, getting dry, using the potty and going to bed, which is lovely to read to younger babies and toddlers.

The last two pages ask the child to look through the book for certain items, and to count from 1-5, giving plenty of opportunity to talk about what they can see in the pictures and to learn early counting and number skills.

🐶Usborne touchy-feely books ‘That’s not my puppy…’ (£6.99)

This book is perfect for all babies, toddlers and preschoolers, it’s simple repetitive lines are fun and predictable for little ones, so they can begin to recognise the story and what is coming next.

The book starts with ‘That’s not my puppy. It’s tail is too fluffy.’ the dog on the page has a touchy-feely fluffy tail to keep little ones engaged and add a sensory play element to the book.

The book continues with various describing words and corresponding touchy-feely parts such as bumpy, shiny, shaggy, and finally ends with ‘That’s my puppy! His nose is so squishy’.

Adalena absolutely loved feeling the touchy-feely parts on each page, which also encouraged her to turn the pages to feel the next one.

There is also a little mouse to spot on each page throughout the book, adding even more interactive content to help keep little ones engaged further.

🦊Usborne baby’s very first play book ‘Animal words’ (£7.99)

This book its beautifully illustrated with very bright and engaging pages separated into various types of animals, such as farm animals, sea creatures, woodland and jungle animals.

There are lots of different textures, holes and lines to feel and follow with your fingers, making this a super interesting book for little ones.

Some of the pages are also shaped, adding a little extra sensory detail to the book.

The book names each animal on the page, in an easy to read lowercase print, this book is brilliant for younger babies and toddlers to look at and touch, and for older toddlers and preschoolers to spot each animal, make their animal sounds and begin to look at the sounds that make up each animal name like ‘sssss’ for snake.

All three of the books have a grow-with-me element, making them suitable for several stages from baby to toddler to preschooler.

The books feel well made and have a quality that will withstand the inevitable manhandling from babies and toddlers, they can also be wiped clean with a slightly damp cloth if needed.

I was amazed at the relatively low cost of these books, considering their great quality, and brilliant entertainment and educational values – these books really are an affordable investment in your little one’s learning journey.

You can find out more about these Usborne books and The White House Book Shop’s full range of Osborne books on their website

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