Babymoov Twist, the complete starter set to collect, store & feed breastmilk review.

We have been trying out the Twist complete starter set from Babymoov for the last couple of weeks in preparation for my return to work. Adalena is 13 months old and only ever been breastfed, we have never used any bottles before now.

The Twist is a revolutionary system that allows you to use any breast pump (we used our Ardo Calypso breast pump) to collect milk into the single use milk storage bags with screw caps.

Then store them in the fridge or freezer using the brilliant organiser tray that can hold up to 12 milk bags.

Then when you are ready to feed your baby, simply click a milk bag into the holder and take off the blue screw cap

Push on your chosen sized teat with cap, they have different colours to make them easily distinguishable – green is slow slow.

The set comes with slow, medium and fast teats so you are sure to find one to suit your baby.

The Twist makes collecting, storing and feeding your breastmilk super easy as there is no need to transfer the milk at any stage – meaning your baby won’t miss a single drop of your precious liquid gold – we all know how disheartening it can be when your hard pumped milk gets wasted!

Adalena took to the Twist bottle with slow flow teat straight away and drank the whole bag in one go – I was fully expecting her to refuse the bottle but thanks to the Babymoov Twist’s fantastic design she seemed as relaxed with it as she is when we are breastfeeding.

I would recommend the Twist to anyone who is breastfeeding and returning to work or planning an evening out away from baby.

The quick and simple system can help mum’s continue their breastfeeding journey for longer, even when they need to be away from their baby.

You can find out more about the Babymoov Twist kits on their website

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