Nod ‘Badgers on Bikes’ and ‘Hummingbirds with Handbags’ Nodsuits review.

We received two beautiful Nodsuits from Nod. A grey ‘Badgers on Bikes’ design with orange trim and a blue ‘Hummingbirds with Handbags’ design with pink trim, both from the Forty Winks Wood collection.

Nodsuits are made from the finest super soft cotton with quality large poppers, enabling even those with bigger fingers to quickly and easily fasten them.

Nodsuits are machine washable and can be tumble dried on a low heat. They have a great quality feel to them, and are made from a lovely thick cotton, making them a cosy choice for your little one.

Nod suits are illustrated with beautifully unique and fun prints, in bold and unusual colourways, all imagined in Great Britain by Nod founder and mum of three, Laura.

Each Nod character has its own cute little poem, and Nod are planning to introduce a story book to accompany the suits in due course.

Badgers on Bikes

‘Badger Blue found a Penny Farthing bike in The Land of Nod and loves nothing more than whizzing around;

Badger Blue’s Trying to be mindful, He’s been told by the crabs, he’s had quite a hindful.

They’ve waved their claws and nagged in his ear, They’ve shouted ‘road hog’ whenever he’s near.
They don’t understand, to them it’s just odd, how he loves to ride round The Land of Nod.’

Adalena is wearing the 9-12 month Nodsuits which fit beautifully and are true to size, if a bit generous, compared to her other 9-12 month sleepsuits.

Hummingbirds with Handbags

‘The hummingbirds act all of a tizzy, as they dash to and fro on the wing.
It seems from their haste they are really quite busy, with no time to stop and sing.
But if you squint your eyes and tilt your head, and watch one of their tails wag
You may just catch sight of their favourite thing, a beautiful jewel like bag!’

Nodsuits retail at £19.99 each and there are currently six designs, available in sizes up to 12 months.

You can see Nod’s full range of Nodsuits on their website

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