bakerdays letterbox celebration cake review.

We were delighted to receive a personalised bakerdays letterbox cake for Adalena’s first birthday.

It arrived in plenty of time, 2 days ahead of her birthday and in perfect condition. The box lived up it’s name and did fit through our letterbox.

The letterbox cake arrives in a sturdy cardboard box, inside there is a metal tin with the words ‘just for you’ on it. The tin is carefully cushioned in the box by bubble wrap on either side and on top of the tin is a message card with gold and silver balloons on the front and the message ‘enjoy!’ printed on the inside.

The tin has air holes in the lid to keep the cake in perfect condition.

Inside the tin, there is a handy pull tab that allows you to easily lift the cake out of it’s well fitting tin without damaging it and a piece of tissue paper to protect the design on the cake.

The cake can have any design, photo and text you like. We chose to have a design that matched Adalena’s party decorations. It was so easy to order, I just sent bakerdays the design and wording that we wanted and they did the rest!

The colours on the cake are vibrant and the pictures and text are perfectly clear – it’s truly beautiful and bakerdays have perfected the cake making process and their packaging to ensure their cakes stay pristine, even after their journey through the postal system!

I loved how well the cake matched the other party accessories.

We cut the cake into 6 equal pieces which allowed everyone just enough to taste the cake without being a huge slice.

The cake was easy to cut into using a cake knife and each piece easily lifted from the cake board without damaging them.

We chose bakerdays dairy free sponge cake which is just over an inch thick and is then topped with jam and icing.

Adalena has a dairy and soya allergy so I was amazed to find that bakerdays offers a dairy and soya free option in their letterbox cake range – it’s so difficult to find nice celebration cakes for people with allergies so the fact that this is dairy free and soya free and can be personalised is brilliant!

They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating…so what did we think of the taste of the cake?

The sponge cake was beautifully soft and moist and the icing was pleasent and not too sweet, the jam complemented the two nicely.

Adalena certainly enjoyed her first taste of birthday cake!

Happy First Birthday Adalena!

We are going to reuse the tin to store small mementos of her special day.

You can find the full bakerdays letterbox cakes range on their website.

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