Zimplikids GelliBaff and SmelliGelliBaff review.

We were kindly sent some Gelli Baff and Smelli Gelli Baff for Darian from Zimplikids.

Gelli Baff

Gelli Baff is a 2-step product that turns the bath water into a fun, colourful goo to play with, just sprinkle the step 1 sachet into warm water in the bath to make the goo.

When your done playing, simply sprinkle in the step 2 sachet which turns the goo back into water that you can leave to safely drain away down the plughole as normal.

Our packet of Gelli Baff was red and had a faint but pleasant smell of strawberry.

Darian enjoyed pouring in the powder and mixing it around with his hands – this is great for sensory play.

As soon as the Gelli Baff had turned the water into red goo, Darian couldn’t wait to jump in!

The goo is great fun to play with, Darian said it was ‘awesome’ and ‘totally epic’ which means it must be good!

Darian enjoyed his Gelli Baff so much he said he wished every bath could be a Gelli Baff!

Smelli Gelli Baff

Smelli Gelli Baff is the same as Gelli Baff but it is scented for extra fun sensory play.

Our packet was purple and smelt like bubblegum, we added some play spiders, mice and bats for extra spooky fun – this would be great for Halloween!

Darian loved his Smelligellibaff bath, and enjoyed watching the water change into goo and back into water again…who says science can’t be fun?

You can find out more about Zimplikids and their range of products on their website


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