Stikets Name Stickers and Iron-on Name Labels Basic Pack review.

We were lucky enough to receive the Stikets basic pack of personalised name labels for Darian, we chose this beautiful blue mix of colours and the headphone icon because Darian loves gaming!

The Stikets arrived in a thick cardboard envelope. Inside they are immaculately presented in this brilliant folder, not only keeping your name labels safe, it keeps them nicely organised ready for use.

The basic pack of Stikets includes name label stickers for your child’s belongings in a variety of different sizes, feet shaped name labels for shoes, two metal keyrings, and some Iron-on clothing labels.

This pack really does have everything you need in order to name all your child’s belongings for nursery, school, after school clubs and holiday camps.

The Stikets name label stickers easily peel away from the backing sheet, and simply, quickly and effectively adhese themselves to almost any surface.

We used the name labels in Darian’s PE trainers and on his lunchbox and drinks bottle. We used one of the keyrings to name his pencil case, and the small name stickers to name his ruler, pen and sharpener – I was so impressed at how quick and easy this was to do, and they look so much nicer than trying to label everything with a biro!

The labels make everything quickly and easily identifiable to your own child, imagine being 4 years old and trying to find your own things in a class room full of similar looking things – frustrating.

So, not only do they help your little one find their own things, they also help your little one’s things to find their way back to them if they get lost – having bright, clearly named labels avoids other children accidently taking your child’s belongings home and helps teachers and classroom assistants to return belongings to the correct child.

The Stikets Iron-on name labels, are quick and simple to use, just apply a label to the item of clothing, cover the label with the included ironing paper and hold a hot iron on top for 8-15 seconds.

The labels are extremely resistant to
washing and drying cycles so are very long lasting – great for school uniforms and PE kits.

There are lots of different colours and icons to choose from to suit your child’s personality, and you can find a variety of different sized packs to suit your needs on the Stikets website

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