Babymoov Sleepy Night Light review.

We were very happy to receive the Sleepy night light with soothing sounds from Babymoov.

The Sleepy is a small, light weight, portable and battery operated night light with sounds for babies and toddlers.

The Sleepy is pearly white in colour and features a gold, silver and blue stars and star constellations pattern.

The Sleepy lights up and changes colour every few seconds, in a reassuring rainbow pattern.

The Sleepy has four buttons on the back which control the lights, sounds, volume and one to change the type of sound. All of which can be operated independently, so you can have just the lights on or just the sounds on or both on together to suit your baby.

The Sleepy plays seven different types of white and pink noise and nature sounds which are:

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Hair Dryer
  • River Flowing
  • Heartbeat
  • Rain
  • Sea
  • Night Insects

The Sleepy has a timer of 30 minutes for the lights and 10 minutes for the sounds – research shows that 80% of babies are able to fall asleep after 5 minutes of hearing white noise (archives of Disease in Childhood)

Babymoov have made the Sleepy really easy to personalise to suit your little ones unique needs.

Switch sounds button 🔄

Press this button several times to flick through the 7 different sounds, when you find one you like, enter the continuous mode by pressing on the button for a longer time, the Sleepy will then play your chosen sound continuously.

The lightbulb button💡

Press it once the Sleepy will light up and switch through the rainbow colours for 30 minutes.

Press it twice to keep the Sleepy fixed on one colour for 30 minutes

Press it 3 times to turn off the lights completely.

The volume button🔊

Adjust the volume of the sounds to suit your baby by pressing several times until it reaches your required level.

The sounds button🎶

Start the sounds by pressing once, the selected sound will play for 10 minutes and then stop.

Press twice to stop the music at any point.

Select the continuous mode by pressing the button for a longer time, the sound will then switch tune every 3 minutes continuously.

Quick light switch on🖐

The lightbulb button is slightly more raised than the others, allowing you to press down on the Sleepy with your hand to activate just the lights quickly, press once for 30 minutes of rainbow lights, twice to fix the colour for 30 minutes and three times to turn off the light completely – this is great for use in the middle of the night when your baby begins to stir.

We have found the rainbow lights to be soothing for Adalena but sometimes they have been a distraction and switching them off and having just the sounds on has worked well on those occasions – which is what makes the Sleepy so great, you can really adapt it to suit what works for your baby.

The Sleepy requires 3 x AA batteries and comes with a lifetime warranty – the terms and conditions for this can be found at

You can find out more about the Sleepy night light and the rest of the Babymoov range on their website

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