Baby Nails ‘The Thumble’ hands-free baby nail care set review.

We were sent a Baby Nails, hands-free baby nail filing set to try with Adalena. Adalena’s nails grow super fast so I was intrigued to try this as an alternative to baby nail scissors which I’m always nervous to use.

Baby Nails is suitable from birth and is a safe and easy way to file your baby’s nails to keep them short and scratch free, without the need for scissors or nail clippers that can cause damage to tiny nails and fingers.

We recieved the large Baby Nails nail care set which comes with 15 x newborn files, 15 x 6 month+ files, the thumble device and printed instructions.

The thumble is very easy to use, just snap off a nail file, in either newborn or 6 month+ depending on your baby’s age, peel off the sticker on the back and stick it onto the purple thumble. You can then place the thumble on your thumb.

The thumble is comfortable to wear on either hand, so can be used by both left and right handed people.

Once your baby is calm and relaxed, you can use your spare hand to hold your baby and your spare fingers on the hand with the thumble on it, to hold your baby’s little fingers while you gently use the thumble to file in one direction only across the nail until it is smooth with no sharp edges – take care not to ‘saw’ back and forth across baby’s nail as this can damage the nail and the delicate skin around it.

Adalena was very curious about the thumble and wriggled alot at first, but I was able to distract her with a song just long enough to be able to file her nails, this shouldn’t be a problem for younger babies as you can use the thumble whilst they are asleep, or whilst they are calmly laid on your lap or during a feed.

Here you can see how simple and easy the Baby Nails thumble is to set up and use in this short video.

The Baby Nails baby nail care sets come in different sizes to suit your needs, refill packs of files are also available and can be found on their website

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