BibaDo Highchair coverall bib with sleeves review plus discount code.

We were happy to receive the BibaDo highchair coverall bib with sleeves in navy – a navy & blue stripe with watermelon print. A yellow version is also available.

The BibaDo comes in a simple cardboard box which is easily recyclable and there is no plastic wrapping which is fantastic for the environment.

The BibaDo highchair coverall bib is one size and fits from 6 months at the very start of your weaning journey, right through to 2 years+ the sleeves have adjustable poppers to allow you to shorten and lengthen them so it grows with your baby.

The sleeves have super soft cuffs so there’s no uncomfortable, scratchy stitching to irritate your baby’s skin.

The neck fastening of the BibaDo is adjustable to grow with your baby too.

The BibaDo highchair coverall bib fits most highchair styles using simple stretchy velcro straps that you fasten underneath the tray of the highchair or under the seat unit of the highchair if there is no tray.

The BibaDo covers the whole seat area of your highchair and is waterproof which means it catches all the food and mess that inevitably falls down the gap between the tray and your baby – perfect for babyled weaning.

The BibaDo can then be simply lifted away and you can easily tip the food into the bin, saving you valuable clean up time!

This is amazing for when you are eating out with your little one as it saves the you the embarrassment of standing up and realising your little one has left a mess on your favourite restaurants floor!

The whole bib can then be wiped down or washed at 30 degrees and hung to dry – if you are out and about, the BibaDo folds away into it’s clever little built in pouch, meaning you can fold a messy bib away and pop it in your bag until you get home without fear of getting mess on your bag.

Using the BibaDo without a tray on the highchair works just as well as…

using the BibaDo with a tray on the highchair!

The BibaDo is comfortable to wear and allows your baby free movement during mealtimes

I’m amazed at how quick, easy and fuss free the BibaDo is to use with my wiggly 1 year old and how simple it is to keep her clean – it definitely saves me time as I now don’t have to clean the highchair seat down after each meal – I can just lift the BibaDo away and wipe down the tray.

The BibaDo feels soft to touch and well made, it feels sturdy enough to last through your whole weaning journey from start to finish – the only bib you will need, both at home and while out and about.

You can find your little one a BibaDo of their own on their website by clicking on the following link.

Don’t forgot to mention ‘ADALENA30’ to recieve 2 BibaDo bibs for £30 or ‘ADALENA’ for free delivery.

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