My 1st Photos Cloth Photo Book Review.

I was surprised to receive the My 1st Photos cloth photo book in conjunction with Emma’s Diary.

Firstly, it came packaged small enough for the letter box, so no need to collect your parcel if you are out when the postie arrives!

My first thought was the quality, it feels very well made and sturdy enough to give to my inquisitive 11 month old, the photos I uploaded from my phone have turned out beautifully clear.

Creating the album on the My 1st Photos website was an incredibly simple process of uploading and positioning 5 photos, choosing words for each photo and a title for the front page and that’s all there is to it!

There was room for 5 photos and 5 word pages, this was great for me as it meant I could include our whole family, Adalena, mummy, daddy, big sister Serena and big brother Darian in our album which I entitled ‘My Family’ on the front page.

Adalena really enjoyed seeing all the familiar faces in her new My 1st Photos book, she can turn the pages easily herself and throw it about to her hearts content. I enjoyed looking through the photos with her and watching her reaction as she recognised each person in turn.

We even enjoyed a game of peekaboo with the daddy page, I covered up daddy’s photo and said “Where’s daddy gone?’ then “Peekaaa….Boo!” as I took my hand away which made Adalena giggle!

I would definitely recommend this album, at £25 it could be considered expensive but I believe it’s a worthwhile investment for your baby, especially if you have relatives who live further away, to maintain their relationship with your baby.

It would make a lovely 1st birthday or 1st Christmas present and something that will last your baby well into toddlerhood and their preschool years, little ones love seeing photos and hearing stories about their loved ones – it can then be put away as a lovely keepsake in their memory box.

Overall, I would give the My First Photos cloth photo book 5/5 stars for it’s quality, durability, longevity and easy creation process.

You can create your own My 1st Photos cloth photo book and other personalised photo items like baby taggie blankets on their website

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