Little Brian Paint Sticks 2in1 Art Station review.

We were kindly sent the Little Brian Paint Sticks 2 in 1 Art Station from WirePR in return for our honest review.

We have used and reviewed Little Brian Paint Sticks before so I already knew how good they were for kids painting and minimising mess – have a look at our review here

The 2in1 Art Station is a portable tabletop easel with a chalkboard on one side and a white board on the other with a clip to hold your paper, it can fold down flat so your little one can take it with them wherever they go.

There are 4 little pots which clip into place and will not fall out when it is picked up by the handle.

There is a handy storage pocket on one side that will easily hold 6 or more chalk sticks

As well as the centre of the easel base which can hold everything that comes with the easel and more.

The easel comes complete with 6 Paint Sticks, 6 Chalk Sticks, a fluffy duster and some sheets of A4 paper.

I love how it comes with everything they need to get started straight from the box, so great for Christmas morning!

The chalkboard side has 6 little holes that hold the Chalk Sticks just where you need them.

Such a neat little set where everything has it’s place.

The little pots will hold 2 Paint Sticks each, so there’s plenty of room everything they need to create the perfect picture.

The white board side has a handy clip at the top to hold your paper still.

I love the Little Brian 2in1 Art Station which is great for any occasion and any age child, Adalena is 22 months and I’m sure this will grow with her right up to age 9 or 10.

It’s great that the easel keeps everything neat and easily accessible for her.

Adalena absolutely loves making marks on the chalkboard.

What a beautiful drawing Adalena!

You can find out more about the Little Brian Art 2in1 Art Station on their website

RRP £30.00


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