Bubzico Soothing Sleep Owl review.

We were kindly sent a Soothing Sleep Owl from Bubzico for Adalena, to see if it would help her settle down at bedtime more easily.

The Soothing Sleep Owl is a super soft and cuddly owl with a light projector and soothing sounds music box in his tummy.

Adalena loves his big eyes and his cute little feet, she pulled him in for a great big cuddle as soon as I got him out of the box.

The Soothing Sleep Owl from Bubzico comes with everything you need in the box, including the required 3 x AAA batteries, instructions and a little screwdriver to open the battery compartment with – always handy!

The light projector and music box pulls out of the Owl’s tummy using a twisting motion for when you need to change the batteries. It has a lip which catches the material so it is a smooth finish when fitted back in the Owl.

The light projector creates comforting and colourful moving starry patterns on the wall or ceiling, the soft glow from this also works well as a night light – depending on the darkness of your room it can be quite bright so it is recommended not to point the projector directly at or close to your baby’s face and eyes.

The music box has 10 classic lullabies as well as soothing bird song, heart beat sound and white noise to help your baby fall asleep.

The Owl has a handy velcro strap on his back so he can be attached to the cot, pram or carseat, making him the perfect soothing travel companion for your baby.

The light projector and soothing sounds work together or independently of eachother, so you can have just the light projector on or just the sounds on, or both together to suit your babies needs – we found the lights helped Adalena to settle down initially, but we needed to turn them off for her to fall asleep properly with just the soothing sounds playing.

There are 4 buttons which control the light projector and music box, one for the light projector, one to choose the lullaby or sound playing, one for the volume and one to turn the owl off and on.

Adalena really enjoys playing with her Soothing Sleep Owl as she’s settling down for bedtime, she even chooses to play with it during the day too – she loves the starry patterns from the light projector, which seem to hold her interest for a short while.

For convenience and hygiene, once the light projector and music box has been removed, the whole cuddly Owl can be machine washed.

You can find out more about Bubzico and their range of baby products, on their website.


Bubzico products are available on Amazon.

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