Big Game Hunters – The Play Experts Redwood Lodge / Redwood Tower review.

On Friday 6th September 2019, I took delivery of 8 rather large boxes, 7 boxes contained all the parts to build the Redwood Lodge, Tower with steps and slide and the 8th box contained a play phone.

I joked to the delivery driver that Garry was going to love me when he saw all the boxes for him to build the following day!

On Saturday morning we opened up all the boxes, found the instructions and got started on building the Redwood Lodge.

The first step was to assemble the walls of the Redwood Lodge.

Which was very easy and straightforward to complete with me holding each piece in place whilst Garry put the three screws into each corner to secure it.

The next step was to build the super cute little chimney to go on the roof, Garry did this part with the help of Adalena!

The complete chimney.

The next step was to attach the chimney to the roof of the lodge, this needed 4 screws put in from the underside of the roof, the instructions mention predrilled holes here, but our roof had no predrilled holes on it so we marked where the screws needed to go and made the holes ourselves, which didn’t take long at all.

The next step was to build the frame for the floor.

Once the frame was complete, we placed the whole lodge on top of the frame and slotted the floor panels into the floor frame, through the door.

Next up was attaching the roof of the Redwood Lodge, which required 8 screws, two for each side of the two roof panels.

Once both roof panels were fixed in place, the next step was to attach the roof ridge and 2 finials at either end of the roof ridge.

The front finial has a smart gold plaque with the Big Game Hunters logo on it.

Next we needed to add the door handle, these just screw on by hand.

and the cute little window handles too – Adalena had a go at opening and closing the windows and shouting “Boo!”

The Redwood Lodge is now complete – we absolutely love the look of this beautiful wooden playhouse, with it’s quirky angles and red, blue and green colouring.

The little chimney finishes the look off nicely and the whole roof is covered in a sand felt which was already attached when it arrived.

On the right hand side of the playhouse as you look at it, there is a small circular window which not only looks cute, but also adds extra light to the inside of the playhouse.

The inside of the playhouse looks smart and is well finished, everything is very safe for little ones and is EN71 safety tested.

Including the styrene glazed windows and safety hinges on the opening window and door.

The Redwood Lodge is perfect for gardens with limited space, it has a footprint of 145cm x 110cm.

The inside space of the playhouse measures 99cm x 87cm. The height of the door is 95cm and the height of the ceiling at the apex is 135cm.

The Redwood Lodge is made from premium fir wood using tongue and groove for strength and durability, aswell as the previously mentioned sand felt covered apex roof to protect it from weathering.

You can check out the Redwood Lodge on the Big Game Hunters website here…

You can also purchase the Redwood lodge as a Redwood Tower which comes with a veranda, balcony, steps and a slide.

We chose this option as Adalena absolutely loves slides at the moment and we knew it would give her lots of extra play value on top of the Lodge by itself.

The Redwood Lodge is built in the same way as previously shown, except you do not add the floor frame as that is included in the tower frame.

The first step of the tower is to attach the front legs to the balustrades.

Next is building the main base frame for the tower.

And then adding the 8 support struts to the four legs – this took a while as there were 16 screws to go in.

Next you simply slot the balcony platform into the main tower frame – I said it looked like a bed at this point!

Next up is building the step ladder, which was really straight forward, the steps have little grooves on them to improve the grip.

Next you attach the steps and slide to either side of the balcony using two screws for each.

Then you place the whole Redwood Lodge onto the tower frame, insert the two floor panels and secure with 4 screws inside the playhouse – the Redwood Tower is now complete.

As we knew she would, Adalena loves the slide!

She had great fun going inside the playhouse and waving at us through the windows.

She also enjoyed opening and closing the windows just like before only this time she was higher up!

The Redwood Tower is an absolutely beautiful addition to our garden and I just know it will be well loved by Adalena for years to come – even Darian who is 8, enjoyed having a go and can actually stand up inside in the middle where the apex is, which shows the longevity of the playhouse from toddler to older child.

As we move into the autumn, I have lots of exciting plans for the Redwood Tower, from adding woodland themed bunting and soft furnishings inside to decorating it for Halloween – keep an eye on my Instagram page over the coming weeks and months – who says playhouses just for summer?

You can check out The Redwood Tower on the Big Game Hunters website here…

Aswell as a whole range of other beautiful playhouses available from the Big Game Hunters here…

☆We received a substantial discount on the Redwood Tower from the Big Game Hunters – The Play Experts in exchange for our honest review – all views and opinions are my own☆

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