VEGUMS Sugar-Free A-Z Multi Vitamins – Vegan, plastic free supplements for adults and children age 3+ review.

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We’ve previously enjoyed Vegums Omega 3 and Iron Gummies, so when they launched these new sugar-free A-Z Multi Vitamin Gummies and asked us to give them a try, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed, read on to find out what we thought of them!

Vegums are literally the easiest way to ensure you get everything you need to stay healthy, they are suitable for the whole family from age 3+, children take 1 gummy a day and adults take 2 – they are so tasty and are just like eating sweets which helps us to remember to take them everyday!

The little bag is plastic free and made from compostable and biodegradable cellulose.

These clever little raspberry flavour gummy bears contain 10 vitamins and minerals, including B12 which helps support your metabolism and healthy red blood cells, aswell as Zinc to support normal growth and development, and vitamin K to help regulate bone metabolism and blood calcium levels.

Vegums A-Z Multi Vitamins are Vegan certified – that means no animal products are used at any stage of the manufacturing process. They contain absolutely no artificial colours or flavours, are sugar-free, gluten free and palm oil free. They have all the natural sweetness and yummy flavour of real raspberries, making them the perfect all in one multi vitamin suitable for everyone from age 3+, whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or otherwise.

Adalena and I have been taking Vegums A-Z Multi Vitamin gummy bears for a month now, I feel confident that she is getting everything she needs, and with all those Autumn/Winter bugs doing the rounds at Preschool at the moment, it’s great to know we’re doing what we can to boost her up and help her to fight them off!

Your first order comes with a handy metal click clack tin which holds a months supply of gummies – perfect for on the go!

Since I’ve been taking them, I’m feeling much better in myself, I have more energy and I’ve also noticed that my nails have started to grow faster and stronger which is lovely – as a busy, working mum of three – I need all the help I can get so I’ll definitely be continuing with them!

Adults take 2 gummies per day, children over 3 years take 1 gummy per day.

It’s great to know that sustainably is at the heart of everything Vegums do, from their manufacturing in the North West, to their plastic free, recyclable and compostable packaging and their no rush shipping, which arrives in 2-4 days via existing UK postal routes, so you can be sure when you buy Vegums you’re shopping in the most environmentally friendly way – Adalena decided to reuse the cardboard tube as a pencil pot – there are so many ways this could be reused, or simply recycle it with your usual household recycling ♻️

Vegums can be purchased as a monthly subscription which can be cancelled at any time, or as a one off purchase. With the A-Z Multi Vitamin costing £11.95 per month on a subscription or £15.95 for a one off purchase, they really are an affordable and flexible way to enjoy vegan, plastic free and eco-friendly natural supplements delivered straight to your door.

If you are a student you can unlock an amazing 20% off your Vegums order at Student Beans. If not, you can still grab yourself 10% off your first subscription payment by using our code ‘MUMMY10’ at the checkout.

To find out more about the delicious range of Vegums vitamin and mineral gummies, head over to their website.

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