The Diono Flexa Stroller in Black Camo Fabric – A Real Parent’s review.


We were very happy to be asked to review the Diono Flexa Stroller by the Pushchair Expert, who had previously reviewed the stroller themselves before gifting it on to us in order to get a real parent’s review of it over the course of a few months.

If you’ve been following my stories on Instagram you’ll know that we received the Diono Flexa Stroller back in October and have been putting it through it’s paces since then, we’ve been testing it out in different places, over different terrains and in all weathers too.

The Diono Flexa Stroller is suitable from birth (a cosy newborn pod is available to buy separately) all the way up to 22kg – around 4 years old so it could well be the only Stroller you’ll need for your little one from birth to preschooler – I should point out that alot of strollers have a 15-18kg child weight limit so the Diono Flexa Stroller offers extra longevity with it’s higher than average weight limit, roomy seat and long backrest.

The Diono Flexa offers adjustable handle heights from 105cm to 112cm making it the perfect choice for parents and carers of varying heights – Darian has certainly been enjoying being able to push Adalena around, with the handles at their lowest setting.

The Diono Flexa boasts an adjustable 2 height, good sized hood with pull down sun visor which offers plenty of coverage on sunny and windy days. There is a silent opening flap with mesh window on top of the hood, so you can quickly and quietly check on your little one on the go, without having to disturb them.

The stroller has strong linked brakes that are simple and smooth to operate using just one foot on either side, making it super easy to ensure the stroller is secure and won’t roll away when you need to stop somewhere, or when using public transport.

The front wheels have two plastic stands that stick out from the front of the stroller, these are actually very clever and allow the stroller to be freestanding when folded, which is particularly useful for storage and for households where space is an issue. I also found it useful as it meant I didn’t need to risk getting it dirty by laying it on the ground when getting it in and out of the car, I could stand it up and unfold it or fold it in an upright position.

The Diono Flexa folds and unfolds easily and smoothly and there is a clip on the side of the frame to keep it securely folded so it doesn’t accidentally unfold when you need it to stay folded up, in your hallway or on public transport, for example.

The vertical telescopic fold of the Diono Flexa is long and narrow, and whilst this isn’t a problem for me, as it fits nicely in our Citroen C4 Piccaso boot, it may be an issue for parents with smaller cars, where they may need to experiment with different angles to get it to fit into the boot or even travel with it inside the car on floor in the back or stood up against the backseat if it won’t fit in the boot.

The folded dimensions are 112cm x 37cm x 34.5cm and it weighs 8kg so whilst it is not a small stroller, it can easily fit in narrow spaces and the handles can be lowered to reduce it’s overall height.

The Diono Flexa offers a fully adjustable 5-point safety harness with padded shoulder and crotch straps for your little ones comfort. The harness has a strong central push button to release it and to fasten it, you just push the clips into each side of the buckle. It feels strong and secure but smooth to operate at the same time.

The seat unit of the Flexa is roomy and beautifully soft and padded for your little ones comfort, the first time we went out in it, Adalena fell asleep in minutes so it must be comfortable. I also like the padded fabric lip that goes around the top of the seat, which makes it feel that extra bit cosy, and together with the apron of the hood that hangs down the back of the stroller, they stop drafts coming in from the back when it’s reclined.

The Diono Flexa comes with a removable bumper bar which Adalena enjoys holding onto whilst we’re out and about. I find it handy for hanging small pram toys or buggy books on to keep her entertained whilst we’re going to pick Darian up from school or running errands in town.

There is an adjustable calf rest for extra comfort, Adalena likes this down when she’s sitting up so she can put her feet on the foot rest and up when she’s sleeping so she can lay out flat in it.

The wheels of the Diono Flexa are sturdy with a good layer of hard wearing rubber allowing them to really go the distance and handle both rough and smooth terrian, great for city living and our little village in the country side. the front swivel wheels have the option of being locked which works well on very bumpy ground like cobbles.

The Diono Flexa has a good sized basket but due to the style of the frame, there is limited access to it, so you can put smaller items in through the mesh sides and into the back of the basket but you wouldn’t get a full size changing bag in there.

This hasn’t been a problem for us, because the Flexa is so strong and sturdy we have been able to hang Adalena’s changing bag on the handles, without the stroller tipping up, even when Adalena is not sitting in it – which for me makes up for the lack of access to the basket – but if you are wanting a big basket for lots of shopping, this aspect may not be right for you.

The Diono Flexa comes with a good quality rain cover which offers impressive coverage for the stroller, I really like that the rain cover goes all the way over the hood and down the back of the stroller, which keeps the stroller itself dry and protected aswell as your child.

I have had strollers in the past where the rain cover just attaches to the very edge of the hood and covers the child only, leaving you with the hassle of a damp stroller and having to allow time for it to dry out – with the brilliant Flexa raincover none of this is an issue.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed using the Diono Flexa, which has fitted into our family life seamlessly, I’m confident that Adalena is happy and comfortable in it, whether awake or sleeping. I love the sturdiness and longevity that it offers, along with clever features like the adjustable handles and freestanding fold which make life as a parent that little bit easier. What it lacks in basket accessibility, it makes up for in being able to hang our rather heavy changing bag on it’s handles without tipping. I love stylish the black camo design with it’s accents of fluorescent yellow on the hood, shoulder and crotch straps, the subtle Diono branding, the luxurious fabrics and overall superior quality of the stroller as a whole. I would definitely recommend the Diono Flexa for families wanting a stroller style pushchair from birth or those wanting to move onto a stroller from a pram with an older baby or toddler.

I would give it 4 stars out of 5, only knocking off half a star for the lengthy fold and half a star for the lack of access to the basket – although we found neither of these issues to be a problem for us, I appreciate that they may be an issue for some families, especially those with smaller cars or those who like to do alot of shopping on foot.

The Diono Flexa stroller retails at £249.99 in 4 different colours and £349.99 for the Black Camo colour shown in this review.

We were kindly gifted the Diono Flexa stroller for review by the Pushchair Expert, you can check out their own review of the Diono Flexa on their website by clicking on the following link.

The Pushchair Expert can also be found on Instagram, make sure you give them a follow to keep up to date with the latest pushchair news, releases and reviews from real parents.

All views & opinions expressed and photos shown in this blog are all my own, and have been derived from our daily use of the stroller over the course of several months.

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