NEW Child’s Farm 2 in 1 Hair Review.

I was amazed to be sent the Child’s Farm 2in1 Hair, a 2in1 shampoo and conditioner, suitable from newborn upwards and for all hair types.

The fragrance is the classic British dessert, organic rhubarb & custard.

It contains naturally derived ingredients and organic fruit extract – and trust me, it smells devine!

The Child’s Farm 2in1 hair comes in a 250ml bottle with an easy to use flip top lid.

All Child’s Farm products are paediatrician and dermatologist approved, aswell as being suitable for sensitive skin and safe for people with excema prone skin – just like myself and Adalena – it’s always important that I choose products for the children that are suitable for my eczema prone skin too – since it’s my hands that will come into contact with it when washing them at bath time.

Childs farm 2in1 hair is also vegan friendly and cruelty free, which means it does not contain any animal products and is not tested on animals – I always look for the cruelty free mark when choosing toiletries for my family.

So, now we know all about Child’s Farm 2 in 1 hair, let’s put it to the test on my children’s 3 different hair types and their 3 separate bathing routines…

Serena, has lovely long thick hair which is fairly straight but tangles easily and is prone to greasiness at the roots.

Darian has soft, fine hair which he likes to style each morning with gel wax, so needs a quick solution to daily hair washing that won’t dry out his skin.

Adalena has cute, soft whispy baby hair, she suffers from cradle cap and has eczema prone skin.

So, how did they get on with Child’s Farm 2 in 1 hair?

○ Serena age 12, said the Child’s Farm 2 in 1 hair was quick and easy to use, and made her long hair feel beautifully soft and easy to manage thanks to the conditioning and detangling solution, she loved that it made her hair very easy to brush when wet, something that usually takes a while as it tangles so easily. Serena liked the rhubarb and custard fragrance, and she could even smell it in her hair the next morning!

○ Darian age 7, loved being able to use the same product as his baby sister – normally her baby bath products are kept just for her so he was excited to use this. He was able to open the bottle himself and wash his own hair in the shower, he loved the smell “Mmm it smells delicious!” he shouted from the bathroom! Darian likes his shower time to be quick and independent as he’s always eager to get back to whatever he was doing before I called the dreaded words “Bath time Darian!” so the Child’s Farm 2 in 1 hair gets his vote!

○ Adalena age 11 months, Adalena enjoys bath time and we usually spend quite some time singing and playing in the bubbles. It was easy for me to open the bottle with wet hands and squeeze a small amount out to wash Adalena’s hair, the smell finds you immediately and is a beautifully soft and fruity fragrance that is not overpowering. I was happy to use the Child’s Farm 2 in 1 hair on Adalena knowing it is suitable for eczema prone skin and it didn’t let me down. Adalena’s skin showed no reaction to the product and it left her hair soft and gorgeously fragranced – I just love smelling her hair during our after bath cuddles!

It was lovely to see that the Childs Farm 2 in 1 hair did not dry out my own eczema prone skin on my hands, despite the prolonged contact during Adalena’s bath time – so it definitely gets the thumbs up from mummy!

You can find the NEW Child’s Farm 2 in 1 hair and their other baby and child toiletries on their website.

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