Babytrend Respiro Cot Mattress review.

We were very happy to receive the Babytrend Respiro Cot Mattress in conjunction with Emma’s Diary Parent Squad.

The Respiro Cot Mattress fits a standard cot frame requiring a mattress size of 120cm x 60cm – so I’m unsure as to why it is actually called a crib mattress on the packaging.

On opening the packaging, the mattress and accessories are folded away inside a durable grey storage bag with a pocket on the outside to keep the instruction booklet safe.

The mattress itself comprises of a folding metal frame and two breathable mesh sleep surfaces.

One firm side for newborns and babies up to 1 year old and one softer side for toddlers age 1-3 years old.

The mattress comes with a splash mat to protect your cot frame and the floor underneath from any accidents and spills.

It also comes with a protective laundry bag, so you can safely machine wash both sleep surfaces inside the bag when required.

To assemble the mattress…

☆ Slightly open out the metal frame and slide the two sides of the newborn sleep surface into the grooves on the edge of the metal frame and pull it all the way to the other end of the frame.

☆Turn the whole frame over and repeat with the toddler sleep surface, feed each edge into the grooves on the metal frame and pull the sleep surface all the way to the other end of the frame so both sides of the frame are now completely covered.

☆One end at a time, pull the ends of the metal frame with the levers on, outward towards you until you hear a click to lock the frame in place and pull the sleep surfaces taught.

☆Now zip together the two sleep surfaces at each end of the frame – this does take some pushing and pulling to get the edges of the zips to meet fully to enable them to fasten – perseverance is key here and it does require some force as the sleep surfaces need to be very taught.

☆The Respiro mattress assembly is now complete.

☆Place the plastic splash mat onto the base of your cot.

☆Place the Respiro mattress into the cot, on top of the splash mat underneath.

☆The sleep surfaces are labelled as 0-1 year and 1-3 years on each side so you know which way up to put the mattress according to your babies age.

The mattress is completely hollow which means it is hypoallergenic and bed bug proof as there is no foam or stuffing inside it.

The sleepsurfaces are guaranteed 100% breathable along with the open air sides for safe sleep.

Adalena slept soundly on the Respiro mattress and I feel confident that she is both safe and comfortable on it.

And a baby feet shot because, well who doesn’t love baby feet?!

The Babytrend Respiro Mattress is available to buy on Amazon.

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