Playpresstoys eco-friendly, plastic free Winter Post Office construction play set review.

We were sent the Playpresstoys winter post office construction play set for Darian to play with.

Darian is 7 and loves online gaming so I’m always looking for ideas to engage him away from the screens.

Playpresstoys did not disappoint, Darian spent quite some time engrossed in popping out the eco friendly and sustainable playboard pieces and following the simple step by step instruction booklet to build this great creative play set.

Darian was able to complete the play set independently. The age range on the box is 4+ and I would suggest that this is a realistic age band for this toy but a 4 year old may need a little support from an adult to help them follow the instructions – but this is no bad thing, studies have shown that children engage and learn more readily when working together with a trusted adult.

Darian enjoyed building the set and was impressed that the flat cardboard wallet that the playpresstoys playboards come in, actually turns into a box to keep all the pieces in, ready for next time!

Playpress toys is a great, eco friendly, sustainable and plastic free alternative to lego. They are made in the UK and cost only a fraction of the price of lego…this winter post office set retails at just £6.99 – the perfect pocket money toy and great stocking filler this Christmas!

You can check out all the whole range of playpresstoys construction play sets on their website

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