Paultons Park & Peppa Pig World Family Theme Park Review.

We were very kindly given tickets for a day out at Paultons Park theme park which includes Peppa Pig World.

We arrived at Paultons Park on Sunday 1st September at around 10.30am, parking was free and very close to the ticket offices and entrance doors.

There was queues to get in, but we were all moved quickly and efficiently through the ticket turnstiles by plenty of attentive uniformed staff.

When we got into the park we quickly realised everything was sign posted really well, so it was very easy to find our way around.

We started with some of the bigger rides for Serena and Darian while it was still quite early in the day and there wasn’t many queues.

This large roller coaster ride was called The Cobra, Garry, Serena and Darian rode this one and absolutely loved it!

I managed to get this great shot of them from the ground.

Next up was The Edge ride which is has the riders sitting in a circle facing outwards as it spins around and moves along a track – Again, Garry, Serena and Darian rode this one and said it was brilliant!

Next was The Lost Kingdom where everything is dinosaur themed.

Serena and Darian went to queue up for the nearby Flying Pterosaurus ride, while Adalena had a great time playing in the Little Explorers play area on the climbing frame, slide and in the sand pit.

Adalena pretending to be an explorer.

The flight of the Pterosaur ride that Serena and Darian rode on.

Next we saw some beautiful Flamingos which Adalena seemed quite facinated by.

We decided to stop for our picnic lunch on one of the many beautiful shady grass areas surrounding the main gardens and rockeries. Everything was so tidy and clean and there were plenty of bins available.

Adalena enjoying some watermelon under the trees.

After our picnic we took a walk through the main gardens and rockeries and came across this beautiful pond with fountain and fish.

Continuing onwards we saw these lovely hedge displays which were all kept so well.

Forest Friends animals.

Next we came to Critter Creek where I enjoyed a little train ride with Darian and Adalena.

More gorgeous displays around the park.

Next up was of course the famous Peppa Pig World.

This was a lovely part of the park especially for the youngest members of the family.

Adalena was able to ride on everything in Peppa Pig World, as there are no restrictions, except that an adult needs to obviously accompany little ones.

Grandpa Pig’s Train Ride.

Daddy Pig’s car ride.

Grandpa Rabbit’s Sailing Club ride.

Just outside Peppa Pig World you can see some penguins and there were times displayed to watch feeding demonstrations, unfortunately we missed those, but we all enjoyed seeing the penguins.

Next up was Little Africa, where you could see lots of interesting animals and birds.

The Meerkats

The Yellow Mongoose.

We decided to stop for an ice cream and found that we were very quickly served, despite it being a busy and warm Sunday afternoon.

There were plenty of clean tables in the shade for us to sit and enjoy our ice creams together.

Our large ice creams with flakes and sauces cost £3.00 each and Adalena’s ice lolly cost £1.75. We also bought a large Latte which cost £3.15 and two bottles of fizzy drink which cost £2.10 each – we felt these prices were very reasonable for a theme park.

The last ride we chose to go on was the Raging River ride which is a log flume.

I went on this ride three times with Serena and Darian while Adalena napped in the pram with Garry.

We decided to purchase our ride photo from the photo kiosk which cost £10 and included a physical print and a digital print to download using the code on the receipt. There were offers on ride photo prints and gifts throughout the park, 2 for 15 and 4 for £25, which I felt was really a good offer.

Overall we all had a great time at Paultons Park which exceeded my expectations in terms of value and it’s suitability for all ages.

It is not always easy to find places that will keep a toddler, an 8 year old and a 13 year old entertained all at once, but our ages gaps worked out so well here and there was something for everyone to do and enjoy.

We loved seeing the animals and the beautiful gardens around the park which gave us a nice break inbetween rides and a quiet and calm walk after our picnic lunch before moving onto yet more exciting rides!

We were pleased to note that all facilities were clearly sign posted and well located. Everything was clean, tidy and comfortable and the staff were all very friendly and helpful.

Thank you to Paultons Park for having us for the day, we had so much fun and our day out made the perfect family treat to end the summer holidays on a high!

*Tickets to the park were gifted to us but all opinions are our own.

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