Cover Me Baby Multi Purpose Baby Cover review.

I was very kindly sent a multi use baby cover from Cover Me Baby in navy and white stripe.

The Cover Me Baby multi use cover is made from 95% viscose or cotton with 5% spandex to give it a nice stretch.

The cover feels just like a soft t-shirt and folds away neatly into it’s own built in pouch so you easily pop it into your changing bag or keep it in the car.

Cover Me Baby can be used almost anywhere where you need to cover something for your baby to sit on or lay in or as a light cover for your baby.

Some of the uses I have found are…

Shopping trolley cover to provide a clean and soft seat for baby to sit, so they are not touching (or licking!) the dirty metal trolley.

Car seat cover to give little one some darkness and remove distractions to help them sleep more easily – always make sure you can see your baby at all times and never use the cover in the car or on very warm days as baby could overheat.

Pushchair cover as a light blanket to keep baby nice and cosy or to shield them from light wind.

Highchair cover to create a clean, germ free place for your baby to sit and eat whilst out and about.

Baby Carrier cover to keep little one nice and cosy while in they nap and you get on with your day.

Breastfeeding cover to offer you and your little one some privacy whilst you are feeding.

Changing mat cover for when you are using germy public changing tables or for changing baby on the floor when you don’t have access to a changing table.

Cover Me Baby can also be used a Swaddle for smaller babies and as a blanket for older babies.

Cover Me Baby can be machine washed at 30 degrees but hung to dry – do not tumble dry.

I love the little pick me up message of ‘You’re doing a great job!’ on the care label inside – thank you for reminding us Cover Me Baby, parenting is hard and sometimes we all need to be told we are doing well.

Cover Me Baby is a versatile, space saving, baby essential and is great value for money at just £25.00.

Cover Me Baby comes in several colours and patterns so you are sure find one to suit your style and you can see them all on the Cover Me Baby website


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