My Babiie Grey Stars Group 123 Car Seat review.

We were very kindly sent this gorgeous Grey Stars Group 123 car seat from My Babiie for Adalena to use.

The car seat is suitable from 9kg, which for most babies is around 1 year old, right up to 36kg or around 12 years old – so this could be the only car seat your baby will need from 1 year of age until they are big enough to travel without a carseat.

The seat is nicely padded to add extra comfort, this can be removed as your child grows to allow more room in the seat, it also comes with a handy cup holder which can be attached on either side of the seat.

Fitting the car seat into our car was super easy thanks to the isofix and top tether – simply extend the isofix arms on the carseat and click them into the isofix points in your car, push the carseat base towards the back of the car until it doesn’t click anymore.

Then thread the top tether strap under your cars headrest and clip it onto the top tether point on the back of your cars seat, and pull tightly until the indicator turns green.

I was so impressed by how solidly the carseat was held in place in our car, I couldn’t move it at all – it doesn’t even wobble, which makes me feel happy knowing that Adalena will be as safe as possible when using the carseat should the worst happen.

The car seat has an easily adjustable 5 point safety harness with super comfy shoulder and crotch pads – it can be loosened and tightened by pressing the button on the front of the seat to loosen the straps, and pulling the black strap to tighten.

There is a twist button on the front of the seat to adjust recline of the seat to suit your baby’s needs.

The carseat boasts amazing safety features such as side impact protection and side bumper for head and neck protection.

It is easy to adjust the height of the harness and headrest as your child grows using the button on the top of the seat, just press and pull upwards or push downwards until the headrest and harness is at the required height for your baby – the harness should be level with your childs shoulders – not above or below them.

For older children needing group 2 and 3 carseats – from 15-36kg, the padding and harness can be removed and the seat fitted into the car in the same way, using the isofix and top tether, your child then uses the adult belt to secure them in the carseat.

Adalena looks super comfy in her new carseat in group 1 mode, she even fell asleep within a few minutes of leaving our house – something I know she wouldn’t do if she wasn’t comfortable.

I am really pleased with our new seat, it looks stylish in our car, is comfy for Adalena and above all I feel comfortable and happy knowing she will be well protected by the brilliant safety features built into the seat, in the event of a crash.

I think the seat is great value for money at £99.99, considering it’s great quality and longevity, being able to use the same seat from 1-12 years covers groups 1, 2 and 3 and cuts out the need to buy 3 separate car seats which can prove very costly!

You can find out more about My Babiie and their range of carseats on their website

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