Big Game Hunters – The Play Experts Mud Kitchen review.


We were very excited to be given the opportunity to review a Mud Kitchen by The Play Experts.

The mud kitchen arrived quickly in two boxes, one small box containing the sink bowl and plastic water box with tap and the other larger box containing all the fir wood parts, screws and instructions.

The mud kitchen was quick and easy to build, all wooden parts are numbered which makes locating the correct part easier during building. It took us around half an hour to 45 minutes to build, including a hunt for a lost screw in the grass!

My first impressions of the mud kitchen were that it feels sturdy, it looks smart and inviting and is just the right height for little ones, Adalena is two and a half years old and it looks like it will last her a good few years. The mud kitchen is easily big enough for two or three young children to share.

The mud kitchen has some great features such as a chalkboard for little ones to personalise their kitchen, and their own add doodles and mud pie recipes – we started with Adalena’s name and some butterflies and flowers, Adalena added a cute little rainbow of her own.

There is a refillable plastic water dispenser that flows into the round plastic sink bowl, and a metal tap that can be attached to a hosepipe if desired. Adalena had so much fun filling up the dispenser, and turning it on to watch the steady flow of water and then turning it off again, which she could do independently so it’s fantastic for little hands – we are yet to try the hosepipe tap.

The lid of the mud kitchen covers the sink bowl when it’s closed which makes it look neat and tidy when not in use, and has a handle attached to pull it out to the side which then provides an extra play space/work surface for little ones to enjoy.

The mud kitchen has two black hobs on top for pots and pans and two moveable play temperature dials on the front, there is a handy shelf just above the sink for little ones to store their utensils and other bits and pieces – I think a couple of small plant pots would look fantastic on this shelf for little ones to grow seeds in. There is also a big shelf underneath the mud kitchen for storing pots, pans and bigger accessories that little ones might like to use with their mud kitchens like cake tins and cupcake trays.

We decided to care for ours even further with a coat of protective wood stain so it matches our beautiful Redwood Tower / Redwood Playhouse which is also from The Play Experts – you can read our review of the playhouse below.

Overall, I think mud kitchen is great value for money at £99.00 (currently on sale at £89.00) it is sturdy, well made and has some lovely features. It looks smart in the garden whilst still being inviting and interesting to little ones. This is definitely an invest piece which should last years if taken care of.

This mud kitchen is available on The Play Experts website and is currently on offer for £89.00 – home delivery is usually pretty quick, items are usually dispatched same day and arrive within 2-4 days depending on size.

☆We were kindly gifted this mud kitchen from Big Game Hunters – The Play Experts in exchange for our honest review – all views and opinions expressed are my own based on our own experience of the product.☆

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