The Bshirt Breastfeeding Vest Review.

It was great to receive the Bshirt breastfeeding vest in black, in conjunction with Emma’s Diary.

The Bshirt box is not standard letter box sized, luckily I was in when our postie arrived with mine – you might need to collect yours if you are out when it’s delivered.

Inside the box, the Bshirt was beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper, finished with an organza bow. Also included was a useful Bshirt information leaflet and a Bshirt 37g bar of milk chocolate – a nice touch and a welcome treat for a breastfeeding mama!

Unfortunately as Adalena has a milk allergy, I have had to go dairy free myself, so I reluctantly passed the chocolate to my fiance, he tells me it was absolutely delicious – so unfair!

The Bshirt itself is a vest top with a simple but effective flap on the chest that lifts up to allow easy breastfeeding access via a boob hole on either side, cleverly hidden underneath the flap. The flap is beautifully finished with a lace trim, making the vest feel a little more luxurious and a little less ‘mumsy’.

The Bshirt vest is designed to be worn on its own or underneath another shirt or jumper for ‘one up one down’ discreet breastfeeding access. This means that the Bshirt will keep both your boobs and your tummy covered whether it is worn alone or with another shirt or jumper.

The Bshirt allows you to reuse your favourite pre-pregnancy tops and to easily and discreetly breastfeed in them – just wear the Bshirt underneath and lift your own top up.

Until now I have always worn specific nursing tops, which tend to be the usual boring stripes, but I stuck with them as I didn’t think I could use my pre-pregnancy tops to feed in. The Bshirt has changed my opinion, it allows me to wear my own normal tops and jumpers again, which makes me feel more confident and alot more…well…me!

The Bshirt vest feels well made and durable, the material is 95% organic cotton and 5% lycra and is ethically made. It is soft against my skin and comfortable to wear both alone and underneath other tops. I really like the thicker shoulder straps as they hide my nursing bra straps well.

The Bshirt features a visible logo on the hem.

In terms of sizing, the Bshirt comes up slightly small and you will probably need to size up from your usual size. I usually wear a size 12-14, and was sent a size 14, it is quite a snug fit compared to other size 14 tops of mine – this may be an issue for you if, like me, you are struggling with your confidence due to post baby mum tum, however if you plan to wear the Bshirt underneath other tops then a snug fit could be what you need.

The Bshirt retails at £19.99, there is also some multibuy offers which means they can be bought for as low as £16.99 each, when you buy 4 Bshirts together. There are 8 colour options available in sizes 6-20, so there’s sure to be something to suit your taste.

I think the retail price of £19.99 is excellent value, considering the Bshirt allows you to wear all your usual tops, shirts and jumpers, so saves you having to buy specialist nursing tops which can cost a small fortune!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to breastfeeding mamas who are keen to wear their own pre-pregnancy tops and still have easy, no fuss, discreet access for feeding their babies.

The Bshirt is also be a great vest top to wear on it’s own in the summer and a fab alternative to those clip down vests that I’ve always avoided as they leave your whole boob on show!

You can check out the Bshirt vest and the new Bshirt long sleeve top, along with some very reasonably priced breastfeeding accessories like reusable breastpads on their website.

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