West Midlands Safari Park review.

On Sunday 8th September 2019 we spent the day at West Midlands Safari Park, and what an amazing day it was!

We arrived at the park at about 11am, we drove up to the ticket booths where we handed over our complimentary tickets and bought two boxes of animal food for the safari which cost £3.50 each.

We were also given a handy park guide and map, which shows all the show timings and information you need for the day.

We started off doing the 4 mile drive through Safari where we could hand feed some of the animals from our car.

We saw some Zebra, I always tell the children that they are horses in stripy pyjamas!

There were Black Rhinos happily and freely wondering around the cars and park areas.

The animals seemed keen to get up close to the cars and were all happy to have a bit of food and a fuss.

There were parts of the safari where you had to keep your windows closed for safety reasons, particularly in the carnivore enclosures.

There were plenty of park rangers in vehicles keeping an eye on everything and encouraging animals off the road if they were holding up the cars for slightly too long.

One very large and grumpy looking camel came up for a closer look at us!

Along with this big fella too, it’s was nice to get this close to animals you wouldn’t normally see, or only see from a distance.

Next up were the Giraffe, who were more than happy to roam around the cars accepting offerings of animal feed.

It was amazing to see such a magnificent animal so close like this.

Serena was so happy to able to hand feed a Giraffe, she said his tongue felt funny, but we were kindly given alcohol wipes at the gate to enable her to clean her hands before we could wash them properly.

Adalena loved seeing the Giraffe too!

I got this beautiful silhouette photo of a Giraffe as it passed by the car.

The whole drive through Safari took about an hour and a half and was well enjoyed by everyone.

At the end of the Safari we parked the car in one of the multiple parking areas and headed to one of the many hand washing stations to wash our hands before lunch.

We stopped at a picnic table on a grassy verge to enjoy our picnic.

After lunch we headed to the entrance of the rest of the park.

First we saw the penguin enclosure.

And the underwater viewing area too.

It was almost time for the Sea Lion Theatre show, so we went and waited for it to start.

The Sea Lion Theatre was very popular but there was plenty of seating and standing room for everyone. Serena and Darian sat down and Garry and myself stood up with Adalena.

The two park rangers led the show very well, talking the crowd through how they train Sea Lion’s and how it keeps them mentally stimulated. The Sea Lions performed brilliantly, waving and clapping with the crowd and doing several amazing tricks like jumping up out of the water to touch a football and jumping through a hoop held out by one of the rangers.

After the Sea Lion Theatre show was over, we headed to the Discovery Zone.

Inside we saw locusts

Huge land snails

A massive tarantula!!

and some very interesting fish!

There are several photo points around the park, this one is next to the Discovery Zone.

Next up was the Ice Age section.

Which had moving animatronic Ice Age mammals which looked very realistic!

We even saw bears…

Serena loves a photo opportunity!

And a huge wholly mammouth!

Next was the Lorikeet Landing.

This has to be my favourite part of our day, we entered thinking we were just going to be seeing some birds inside. I went in with Serena and Darian because you couldn’t take pushchairs inside.

We purchased 3 pots of nectar for £1.50 each and walked in through the door.

Before we knew it, there were beautiful multicolored Lorikeets landing on us from all directions.

It was amazing to have these birds fly and land on you and drink the nectar from the little cups.

Darian wasn’t keen to have the birds land on him, but he enjoyed feeding his nectar to one of the birds that had landed on Serena.

The Lorikeets are absolutely stunning birds to look at.

When we came out and told Garry all about it, he had to go in and have a go himself, we stayed outside with Adalena in the pram, we didn’t take her inside because we thought she might get upset with all the birds landing on her.

The bird man himself…

Darian and Adalena sitting inside a dinosaurs mouth!

Next up was Mark O’Shea’s Reptile World.

It was dark inside with illuminated tanks, which contained different reptiles and some very large snakes!

Another of the photo points in the park.

Next we stopped for an ice cream, the ice creams were very reasonably priced at £2.25 per large cone and £1.80 for an ice lolly for Adalena.

Next we made our way to the African Village.

Where we saw Meerkats

and Lemurs too.

Next the children were ready to burn off some steam in Boj giggly park.

There were hills with tunnels to explore.

A little wooden train which Adalena seemed to take a fancy to.

There was a climbing frame with slide that daddy had to go on too of course!

Adalena had a great time playing in the park.

There was a race track and podium which all three children had a go on.

There was also a photo point in the park.

There were some very well placed facilities in the play area.

By the time we had finished in the park it was getting towards 7pm and the park was closing up, so we headed back to the car park.

The sign that you have had the best day is when your car is the only one left in the car park!

In the middle of West Midlands Safari park there are several big rides, which are charged separately from the admission price, at around £14 per child for a wristband or 4 rides for £6 paid for via a parking meter style machine.

We didn’t use the rides as we were running out of time and wanted to make sure we saw all the animals, but if we had more spare time at the end of our day we probably would have bought Serena and Darian the 4 rides for £6 each which we thought was reasonably priced.

You can check out all that West Midlands Safari Park has to offer and purchase your tickets in advance on their website.


☆We recieved 4 complimentary tickets in exchange for our honest review and all views and opinions are my own.

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