SOUNDBOPS ‘The Easy Way to Learn Music Early’ Review ๐ŸŽผ

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We were invited to review Soundbops, an innovative musical instrument that makes learning music easy and fun for kids from age 3 upwards.

96% of parents want their child to learn to play music but 54% of children struggle with traditional instruments and notation, with Soundbops those barriers to learning are removed!

The Soundbops musical instrument allows you and your child to easily learn and play music, it is simple to operate, there’s a dial to choose from 10 different instrument sounds and a dial to turn the board on and adjust the volume – there is also a headphone jack for independent play.

The bops are little coloured discs, with each colour representing a different musical note when placed on the board, they can also be stacked on the board to create chords, you then press the blue buttons on the board to play the note or chord that is placed on that block. Everything comes in a padded carry bag so you can take your Soundbops board with you and play anywhere you like!

We loved how quick and easy it was to set up the Soundbops musical instrument straight, so the kids could get started straight away. The easy to follow Soundbops books introduce the board and how to play in a simple and fun way, there are activities in the book that help familiarise parents and kids with the board and how the notes and chords work and sound, there are checklists to tick off as they progress which is a great incentive.

Adalena is 3 and is beginning to pick up the simple tunes like Hot Cross Buns with support and is able to operate the Soundbops musical instrument with ease.

Adalena completing an introduction activity.
Adalena playing Hot Cross Buns with support.

Darian is 10 and was able to quickly and confidently play longer, more complex tunes independently.

Darian playing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Both Adalena and Darian have enjoyed getting to know and playing with Soundbops, sometimes Adalena doesn’t want to follow the book and just makes up her own tunes, which is fantastic as it shows she is enjoying experimenting with the sounds and how they fit together and is interested in how she can change them – a classic example of learning through play! I can’t wait to see her progress and continue to use the books as we move forward with encouragement.

Darian has even asked for the new Soundbops Bop expansion pack so he can have a go at playing the more complex tunes using the extra bops to make more chords, I’m glad that he is so enthusiastic and wants to continue to use Soundbops to learn and play music.

If you and your child are interested in music but don’t know where to start, I would definitely recommend Soundbops as a fantastic introduction to playing a musical instrument and learning about notes, chords and sheet music. As a parent you don’t need any prior experience of music or teaching to use Soundbops, so it’s the perfect starting point for parents and children alike, plus it’s fun and the whole family can join in!

To find out more about Soundbops and to get started on your own musical journey with your little ones, check out the Soundbops website.

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