Jaques of London Wooden Family Garden Games and Let’s Learn Educational Toys review.

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We were so excited to review these amazing wooden family garden games and educational toys from Jaques of London. We received the wooden Family Garden Quoits and Giant Dominoes, aswell as the wooden Let’s Learn Calendar Clock and Shape Patterns.

The first thing to note about Jaques of London games and toys is that they all come beautifully hand wrapped in recyclable wooden boxes, with tissue paper and a ribbon bow, so they make the perfect ready made gifts for all the family.

I’ll start with the Family Garden Quoits game, priced at £19.99, this little set comes neatly packed in it’s box, complete with everything you need to play, including instructions and a canvas bag for storage.

It was so quick and easy to set up, just screw the middle pole into the two pieces with numbers on, then push the poles into the predrilled holes and that’s it, you’re ready to go…!

This game is fun, simple and something the whole family can have a go at, no matter their age, you simply throw the rings and calculate your score, first person to reach 230 (or 90 for a shorter game) wins, which is great for screen free family time.

Next up is the Giant Dominoes, priced at £19.99, again they come well packaged and complete with a canvas carry bag to keep them neat and tidy when not in use which is also great for transporting the game to the park for a family picnic!

This is a classic family game that can be enjoyed anywhere, simple and fun for all ages, simply take turns to lay down your dominoes by matching up the number of dots on one end with another piece of the same number, for example 3 must fit to 3 and so on, the first person to lay down all their pieces wins, perfect for a bit of family quiet time and togetherness.

The Jaques of London Let’s Learn collection is a range of beautiful wooden toys designed to be fun and educational for little ones, they’re beautifully made, great quality and built to last. First is this gorgeous Let’s Learn Calendar Clock, priced at £19.99, again it’s beautifully hand packaged, so would make a beautiful gift for any child.

The wooden Calendar Clock is brightly coloured, engaging and inviting to little ones, it has movable parts for little ones learn about and select the date, day of the week, month of the year, season, weather and day or night, lots of opportunity for language and understanding development here.

Then of course little ones can set the time in the middle on the clock, which has movable hour and minute hands, helpful o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to, and 0-60 minutes, to help little ones master telling the time. The Calendar Clock can also be hung on the wall if desired.

Last but definitely not least, we have this gorgeous wooden shape pattern set, priced at £13.99, which comes with lots of laminated pattern cards and a canvas drawstring bag full of brightly coloured wooden shapes.

Little ones are encouraged to find and match the wooden shapes to the different patterns on the cards, there’s so many to choose from so they’re sure to keep your little one busy and engaged.

This set is great for developing their hand eye coordination, problem solving skills and shape recognition, they can also learn the names of the things in the patterns mouse, snail, rocket, truck and so on, which are written in English, French, German and Spanish around the outside of each card.

I’d highly recommend Jaques of London as the place to go for affordable wooden family games and educational children’s toys, they’re fantastic quality, fun and engaging for all ages, and they’ve really thought about each item, adding good quality canvas storage bags where necessary and hand wrapping each product to ensure a beautiful, quality giftable product everytime.

You can find out more about the Jaques of London range of wooden toys and games on their website


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