Dyper The World’s First Bamboo Eco Nappy Subscription Service Review.


We were lucky to be sent a months supply of Dyper bamboo nappies to try in return for our honest review, we received a one month suppy box that you would receive as part of the subscription, we chose size L which fits babies weighing 20-31 lbs and comes as 5 packs of 28 nappies.

How are Dyper nappies good for babies?

Dyper nappies are made with viscose from bamboo and have no print so there’s no ink to worry about. They are also alcohol, chlorine, latex, PVC, lotion, TBT, Phthalates and perfume free. Dyper nappies feel soft and stretch well for a good fit around babies tummy and legs, they have a handy Ph wetness indicator and an absorption layer with Sumitono SAP that wicks moisture away from babies skin, they are odourless and breathable.

What makes Dyper nappies responsible and eco friendly?

Dyper nappies are made with responsibility sourced and renewable bamboo, they can be composted using commercial facilities, and for each delivery Dyper purchases carbon offets to help with reforestation efforts on behalf of it’s subscribers.

It’s good to know that the Dyper nappies are hand packed into clear bags that are oxo-degradable, and the boxes the nappies arrive in use non-toxic inks and are 100% recyclable.

How well do Dyper nappies perform?

We tried the Dyper nappies for several days and nights before writing this review, I’m pleased to report that they have passed the overnight test on Adalena without fail – hooray no leaks! Adalena appears comfortable in Dyper nappies and has not experienced any rashes or soreness since using them. I am pleased with the strong side panels and magic sticky tabs that don’t scratch or irritate Adalena’s skin, they are easy to put on and they stay on well.

So how does the subscription service work?

You can tailor your monthly subscription to meet your needs, so if you need more you can adjust your subscription accordingly or use the SOS ReDyper service if you start to run out unexpectedly, alternatively if you find you have too many nappies, you can also send them back using a prepaid label – it is easy to precisely manage your subscription if you also use cloth nappies or are starting potty training on the Dyper website or on the App available to download on Android and iOS.

Where can I purchase my own Dyper subscription?

You can find out more and start your own Dyper bamboo eco nappy subscription for only £49 with free delivery or try them out first without signing up to a subscription straight away by clicking on the following link


*Although we were sent these nappies to try, all views and opinions expressed are my own based on our experience of using them with Adalena over the course of several days and nights.

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