Ethan The Fox Teething Toy review 

We were sent an Ethan The Fox Teething Toy for Adalena to try, she really struggles with teething so I was interested to see if Ethan could help.

Ethan is suitable from birth and made from 100% natural rubber from the Hevea tree that the box says babies love the smell of.

Ethan is brightly coloured and attractive to look at, he has a friendly face which encourages your baby to reach out. Ethan is lightweight, soft and smooth to touch and his slim neck and legs are just the right size for little hands to grasp.

Ethan has cleverly shaped ears, nose, tail and toes that are just perfect for relieving those hard to reach sore spots in baby’s mouth during teething.

Ethan has a lovely little trick to distract your baby and hopefully induce some smiles during the difficult teething phase – he has the most adorable squeak when you press his tummy – this certainly got Adalena’s attention and made her laugh!

Adalena very quickly became best buddies with Ethan The Fox, she even took him for walk in her toy pram!

Ethan The Fox Teething Toy has been brilliant for Adalena, she’s enjoyed playing with him and he’s really helped when she’s needed something soothing to bite on – she also hasn’t lost interest in him which has happened with other teethers she’s had in the past.

It’s been great to have Ethan’s squeak as a distraction technique, for example, Adalena suffers from separation anxiety and mummy needed to leave the room so daddy used Ethan to distract Adalena so she didn’t get upset, I could hear her happily cooing and giggling away from the next room – a far cry from the usual wailing because mummy needed a wee!

Ethan would make a great gift for parents-to-be, a new baby, christening or baby’s first birthday. Give something useful that will become babies best friend and their parents go-to toy for teething – they will thank you for it!

Ethan really loves Christmas and can’t wait to ride in Santa’s sleigh on Christmas eve night, make sure he makes his way to your little ones stocking by taking advantage of their 12 days of Christmas special offer on their website and recieve your very own Ethan The Fox Teething Toy for just 瞿12 – the perfect gift for baby’s first (or second) Christmas.


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